CUSTOMER VALUE PROPOSITION DEVELOPMENT – A crucial part of a brand’s ability to communicate and resonate effectively with its’ target audience is to ensure that the brand or product has a clear, defined and well-researched customer value proposition (CVP) which is easily understood. We are experienced in both the creation of new CVP’s and the refreshing or upgrading of an existing CVP which has become tired or out-of-date.

BRAND AND CONSUMER RESEARCH – Do you want to know more about how your brand is perceived, what your customers want and how market preferences are shifting? Nothing beats facts and data to help drive correct decisions on your brand’s marketing strategy. Big Wheel has a rigorous and data-centric approach to research which provides valuable insights for our clients and helps them stay in touch with their customer base.

CREATIVE – Big Wheel develops creative concepts and executions for all main traditional and online media channels (TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Digital etc.). We also develop and produce multi-media collateral such as websites and digital guides, printed material such as brochures & posters, video & photography and music ranging from jingles and mnemonics to fully composed scores. Whatever your creative requirements are, you can count on Big Wheel to deliver high-quality material which confidently communicates the unique selling points of your brand.

BRAND GUIDELINES – Consistency is key to your brand getting the highest levels of recognition and ensuring it sticks firmly in the minds of your target audience, and a comprehensive set of brand guidelines is the number 1 tool to help your brand achieving this. Big Wheel is the ideal partner to help you create a set of brand guidelines which will provide a roadmap for how your brand should be presented in multiple media platforms and scenarios, delivering maximum impact across all your advertising channels and making sure your brand has the best chance of staying top-of-mind with your potential customers.

MEDIA PLANNING & BUYING – No matter how big or small your marketing budget, Big Wheel can effectively plan and buy your advertising campaigns, choosing the best media partners and leveraging our relationships to deliver best value for your spend. All media plans are tailored specifically to accurately meet the campaign objectives and drive maximum return-on-investment.