DEVELOPMENT OF KEY MESSAGING AND STANDARD VERBIAGE – To get the maximum benefit from your PR, it is vital to have a communication strategy which concentrates on the key messages your brand wants to be associated with and to have these messages repeated in every communication touchpoint. Big Wheel will use research to agree the most effective verbiage for your important messages and selling points and design communication templates and plans to be used in multiple different scenarios, to make sure that the unique selling points of your brand get communicated as effectively and frequently as possible.

CO-ORDINATION AND DISTRIBUTION – Big Wheel will use its vast experience of how the media works to format your important communications in a way that gives it the best possible opportunity of being used for publication by journalists and editors. Your release will be distributed to our network of direct contacts and newswires across both traditional and digital platforms, with each release having an individually tailored distribution list and employing social media to maximize the impact of the release upon its distribution and subsequent publication.

TACTICAL PR – Tactical or campaign-driven PR can work hand-in-hand with regular PR to enable a brand to “disrupt” the normal media landscape in a positive way, providing that brand with extra differentiation and media coverage. Big Wheel has used this technique successfully in the past and we can create and execute “disruptive” tactical PR campaigns for your brand in harmony with your brands’ regular PR activity.

SUCCESS MEASUREMENT – PR has traditionally been a difficult channel to measure in terms of success or insights, however Big Wheel uses reporting tools and a data-driven approach to provide our clients with a clear picture into the performance of their PR activity in terms of coverage, value, sentiment, engagement and individualized insights.

MEDIA TRAINING – For company representatives and spokespersons it is highly advisable to engage in media training to get the most out of your dealings with the media .Big Wheels’ training program will show you how to prepare properly for media interactions, provide insights into what works in terms of getting your message across, add polish to your performance and to avoid known pitfalls.