In recent years marketing best practice has experienced a tectonic shift away from traditional media channels towards the world of digital media. The old days of using above-the-line media channels such as print, outdoor, television and radio are being at least partially, if not totally, replaced by practices such as search engine optimization and marketing, social media management, behavioral targeting, customer relationship management and mobile / touch technology. It is now possible to efficiently market to a target audience in a personalized, one-to-one fashion as opposed to the wasteful, one-to-many coverage offered by traditional media channels. Traditional media still has a role to play in today’s marketing mix, however best practice dictates that it should be as a support to modern technology-focused marketing techniques and tools, rather than the other way around.
The Big Wheel team has been involved in digital marketing since the 1990’s and has a wealth of experience across every aspect of this field. We can help your brand in many different ways including:

CREATION OF DIGITAL PLATFORM – Your brand requires a personalized approach to establish the correct tools and systems which are going to work best and hardest to achieve your objectives. Based on your overall marketing strategy, Big Wheel will recommend and implement an appropriate digital marketing technology platform utilizing cutting-edge channels such as customer relationship management (CRM), social media, mobile / touch and audio visual technologies, making that your marketing strategy is executed used the most up-to-date and cutting edge tools and techniques available today.

PERFORMANCE MARKETING – The internet is the biggest marketplace in the world today and technology exists to help you find your target audience based on their internet behavior. Big Wheel are experts at harnessing this technology to drive visitors to your website on a performance basis, using cost-per-click or even cost-per-action models, via the development of tailored, digital performance marketing capabilities and resources. Performance marketing is one of the most efficient forms of advertising available in the world today and can be used effectively by most industry sectors.

DIGITAL CONTENT PRODUCTION – From websites, digital guides and blogs through to mobile apps, video streaming and online advertising banner suites, Big Wheel can product excellent quality digital content based on your specific requirements. We can also conduct workshops to establish content strategy and advise on the most effective type of online content that works for engaging with your target audience.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Big Wheel perform full community management across all your social media platforms using advanced tools and data reporting systems, plus we can leverage our direct relationships with social media providers to advise on an implement strategies on social media app development, database growth and management, social media competitions and social media listening.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) – If search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! regard your website as both easy to find and relevant to those who are searching for terms related to your products, then it will appear higher in the search engine results pages, you will most likely get more visitors to your site and more purchases. Big Wheel, through our technical knowledge and experience of the way search engines like (and don’t like) to crawl and index website content, can help your brand achieve improved search engine ranking results. We can also advise and implement reputation management strategies for those brands that have “negative” results appearing in search results.